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Green Tree Python


Learn more about our various public programming ranging from camps, homeschool, nature-based preschool, zoo tours, etc. 

Grey Fox

Homeschool at the Zoo (HATZ)

Ages: 6 years - 12 years

This bi-monthly program invites homeschool students ages 6-12 to explore diverse animal habits and their unique ecosystems. This is a wonderful hands-on learning experience your child won't want to miss! 

George and Monji

Animal & Environmental Preschool Program (AEPP)

Ages: 3 years - 5 years

AEPP is for children 3-5 years old that are not starting kindergarten or homeschool in the fall. This program is to connect preschoolers to nature through hands-on activities, games, animal encounters and learning.


Zoo Tours

Ages: 3 years & Older

Join our zoo educators as they take you on a safari through the zoo! Learn more about the zoo's history and get a closer look at some animals in this interactive program! 

American Badger

Ages: 6 years - 12 years

Let your little one be wild for the night with our zoo crew as they explore the super senses of the animal kingdom. Pizza and drinks are provided, but sack meals are also welcome.

Pot-bellied Pig


Ages: 6 years - 12 years

Let your wild one meet ours during one of our camps! We offer spring break camp, multiple summer camps, and winter break camp. 

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